Your wedding does not finish at 1st dance.

I have pretty much always offered a package with no time limits, it started because in the early days, I just could not leave. There was always something hilarious happening on the dance floor that I just couldn't miss, that I knew my couples would love to have images of. So I would creep in at 1am feeling guilty as I told my husband I would be home by 9pm. He never believed me. I used to be a 18-30 club rep in Magaluf and Ibiza, partying is in my blood! I also worked for the NHS in a specialist ward for a long time so I can get you very drunk, instigate drinking games but also look after you (I have butterfly stitched a guest before) -win win!

The whole Kit & Caboodle is the most popular package by far. Two of us, shooting right through and capturing your uncle break- dancing with your best friend. EPIC-NESS.

It's one of the best parts of the day because people have started to let their hair down, the drinks are flowing,and by then we know everyone and all your guests will feel really comfortable with us, so when we start dancing on the dance floor (with cameras in hand) they are totally relaxed.

If you booked a 'regular' photographer you wouldn't see images like this ........

And why the hell would any photographer want to miss these??!

My absolute favourite shot in the evening? Taking shots of you taking shots.....

Quality over quantity is really important but why not get blooming both ?? I get texts from my photographer friends sometimes on a saturday night around 9pm asking how my wedding was-they still can't fathom how I'm nowhere near finished yet, but I wouldn't have it any other way! It makes the whole day more relaxed because my couples know that I'm not worried if the time runs over, because I don't have a finish time. If the party is important to you, don't settle for a 8pm finish just because its 'normal'!

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