It's not just meatballs....

We love our engagement sessions. They let us see how our couples connect to each other and how they uniquely 'fold' into each other. We get to learn your quirks, your cute little pinky finger holds and just to get to know you a hella' lot better

They're also great as you get to see how mad we are! You also aren't shocked when we roll around the ground on your wedding day for the best angle or if we climb on things (or fall into bushes in Dani's case!)!

(Heads up, we also make really inappropriate weird noises when we take a photo that we love...! This happens A LOT)

We like to push boundaries to get the best images..

Be that our own creative ideas, taking photos where we probably shouldn't... we would rather be told off, and profusely apologise than ask first and be told no!

Annie and Saus (Ashley to everyone else, but Sausage to Annie! ❤️) found us not long before their big day. We fell in love with Annie over her first email and our own crazy love story began... we met, we instantly clicked, they explained that they probably had less than 6 photos as a couple over the years they had been together. We talked about the things they did in their spare time, (We might add Annie is a scientific genius that works on cellular technology and saving lives while Saus is a designer who created the olympic countdown clock in London. Yeah, no pressure!) And in passing they mentioned enjoying Ikea's meatballs...

In America this has been a lot, In the UK.. not so much! it's been done at lot. Family sessions, pushing your youngest around in the trolly and couples sessions, stealing sneaky kisses while walking down the stationary aisle. Don't get us wrong, we love romantic, pretty engagement shoots but we also love real life and it's not always represented!

The everyday mundane. Real life! Real love!!

We stumbled across one from the UK but it was clearly set up with studio lights and flash, and they had asked permission... we didn't have time for permission, and we kinda like the idea of being naughty...

And so, late one Tuesday evening we met Annie and Saus for the most exhilarating, ninja stealth shoot we have ever done... we ran, we hid in showers and we laughed a lot... Oh and they bought a ficus! We took just one camera each, one lens each and NO flash... here are just a few of the results!

Please let us know what you think of the shoot, or if you are looking at maybe having an Engagement session yourself - just give us a shout!

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