How to stay cool on your wedding day

Sweat. Sweat is not a brides friend or a grooms come to think of it and with the weather how it is right now we thought we would put a few handy hints and tips together for any couples who are getting hitched this summer,or next... it's still gonna be hot unless you want to hire someone to just stand with a fan next you all day which I have actually considered given how much I have nearly melted whilst working at the last few weddings in fact ... please can we use this as a disclaimer now... that the tall one and I are going to look pretty bedraggled by the end of the wedding, probably me more so, which is not that fair really considering her height (she's the one closer to the sun) but your photos will look amazing we promise.

Just realised that you really wont understand that joke if you have just stumbled across this blog so this link explains all about us and our huge height difference

So.I Digress.... We have spoken to an Amazing Bridal hairstylist (who took pity on me at a recent wedding and put my hair up for me - love her ) and an equally Amazing Make up artist who just looks bloody amazing all the time heat or no heat and they have given us some handy tips to share with you to keep your hair and face in tact till the end.Yay!

*Funky Shirt

Boys if you dont want to take your jacket off because you think it takes away half your 'look' maybe think about wearing a patterned shirt, when you roll the sleeves up you can see more of the pattern. We think this looks awesome !

(Alex's shirt is by Monks clothing..

We've also seen a few weddings on social media where the groom has gone for shorts , if you're having a laid back wedding this might be the way to go !

*Hydrate yourself

As obvious as it would seem this isn't as easy as you think. Try and mix water in-between whatever alcohol you are drinking. It helps maintain your temperature, and if you have been sweating you need to get that that fluid back in in a non alcoholic way. Booze can dehydrate you too so just try and alternate a little .. at least while the sun is up ;)

Those lemonade dispensers look cool on the bar filled with water and fruit, with glasses next to them so people can help themselves, it can shorten the bar queue too!

*Peppermint Oil

I do this when I'm hot , add a few drops of peppermint oil to the pulse points inside of my wrists and inside elbows even just cold water will chill your blood vessels effectively and consequently lower your overall body temperature.

*Get.a little fan.

Just do it. You wont regret it . You can get little battery operated fans in the pound shop and Ebay has millions of sellers of paper fans which look super pretty. Your guests will love you if you scatter a few about on tables for them too.

I have one of these on my phone , man its amazing! I think its from B&M .. I kinda stole it from my son....I really should have cleaned my phone before I took a picture of it ..


Anti chafing balm. No one wants to admit it but damn it hurts and in this weather the chance of it happening is high. This stuff is a freaking god-send I tell Ya!

*Make up, Make up never ever break up

Mary O'Connell MUA shares her advice for lasting make up ...

Always Prep and Prime. I use Mac Natural radiance and it suits all skin types

Use a foundation that works best with your skin type ( Make sure your MUA knows your skin type) !

If your on the oily side make sure your using one that is oil free or Matte

Powder. These are a MUST! Even if you have dry skin. I love Mac invisible powder as again it suits any skin type. If you do have oily skin try Mac studio Fix powder as a finishing powder

Setting spray is your best friend. I used Mac Fix+ spray when I got married in Majorca and it was my saving grace

If you want a more matte finish try Slay All Day by Gerard cosmetics this is amazing on oily skin

I say to all my brides that you should really only have to do one touch up so I ask a bridesmaid to look after your lipstick and powder, thats really is all you should need

Find Mary at and Instagram


Not sure what style is best in this heat? Lynnette Chasmer Bridal Hairstylist says..

Choosing the right style for you on your wedding day when you realise it's going to be a scorcher!..... Up-do's with soft curls and height to the crown work well and are the safest bet with hair all pinned into place and off your neck. It should all stay securely in place all day long even if you feel like your melting! Beautiful braiding also looks great and is very current right now with brides

Find Lynnette at

We hope that helps some of you ! If you have a great tip tell us in the comments and we can add it- share the sweat busting love !

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