Getting the most out of your morning prep pictures...

So if you've met us, you will know that we love morning prep. Like really love it, and of course because there is the both of us we really feel that it's equally important that you both have prep pictures, myself with the girls and Lauren Or Rhi with the boys. We really do believe that the boys deserve to have lovely memories of their morning too. So with that in mind I thought I would write a PDF for our couples giving you our insights on how to have a stress free morning as possible. I thought that it would be an idea to add it to a blog post so that we can share it to other brides even if they haven't booked us (are you crazy?!) and it would help them plan their morning.

Brides please give to our groom's too so that he can make the most of having a photographer with him in the morning, other than being fab at putting on button holes she wants to take some beautiful pictures....

Our all day packages have no time restraints, but we have to start somewhere, so we allow at least 2 hours for bridal prep and at least 1.5 for groom prep, of course we have to factor in travel from where you are getting ready to your venue but we need roughly that time to ensure that we can cover everything.

Try and have all your little details in one place, easy for us to find such as shoes, jewellery, invitations (please save an invite for us along with all the stationary you have sent to friends and families including the RSVPs this makes a lovely photo) perfume or any special gifts he's given you in the morning.

Boys try and have cufflinks, aftershave, watch, shoes and anything special ready for the girls. Also, please please please don't be in your suits when they arrive this makes them cry a little... having your suit hanging up makes a great picture along with putting on your tie etc if you're wearing it she may get you to take it off! Even ironing your shirt is a fab shot, it's all part of the prep....

Now, we know you won't be having your hair and make up done, hey, if you are no judgement here, but if you're planning on having a shave this can be an awesome picture - and while we don't want to hold your morning up in any way have a natter with us as this can be a pretty amazing shot to get!

Have a think about your plans for the morning. Are you planning on having a cheeky pint at the pub, a greasy breakfast to ease your nerves or maybe a round of golf? All this can be documented by us and looks bloody awesome in your final gallery. You really don't have to panic and organise anything, but just try and make the most out of having us there.

Ladies, makeup and hair can be one of the biggest stresses for me, I know just how huge it is! Please talk to me about your timings that day before you agree a time with your makeup artist/hairdresser. We go over timings around 6 weeks before the wedding as things can change so often but more often than not you will speak to your MUA before this so please just have a natter with me too. I can't get there at 7.30 am when they arrive it's just not feasible when it can be a 17 hour day for us, but I know I need to get images of you having your makeup done.

We suggest that if your vendors are arriving quite early have them start with maybe a few of your bridesmaids first and then start with you somewhere in the middle. This means that you are all still running to time, and I can get some beautiful prep pictures. Perfect.

When your make up artist arrives please make sure you are seated in front of a window with as much natural light as possible. If you're getting ready at home and the bedrooms are a little small consider using the living room, it will work better than cramming everyone in a small bedroom. The same goes to hotel rooms, of course it depends on your budget, but try and get the biggest room available as it will make your morning much less hectic and stressful. Normally the bigger the room the more windows it'll have. Natural light is a huge part of stunning pictures. A larger room also means more space to hide things, Sainsbury's bags are great for stuffing things in but don't look great in wedding pictures! Please don't be offended if I move some things out of shot or ask your bridesmaids if they help me tidy up a little.

I remember being terrified of my photographer getting pictures of me without my make up on, seriously I scare myself in the morning sometimes! In hindsight, I wish I hadn't worried because I didn't need to. Please talk to me if you feel like this, I do not want you feeling worried or uncomfortable at all. Prep is the best part, it's so much fun! A lot of the morning images are converted into black & white as it's so flattering. I'm also very mindful of angles and I'm very aware that its my job to capture you at your very best, please just talk to me.

I normally shoot all your accessories and details first, the dress, flowers (if they have arrived) earrings and shoes and then just blend in with you guys getting ready.

With your wedding dress please have it out of it's bag and hanging up ready. A wooden hanger can make a huge difference to a picture compared to a plastic one!

I can't tell you how important food is! Eat, eat and eat some more! It can be hours to your meal and if you've had a little champagne you don't want to be feeling light headed. I always have energy bars with me so if at any point you feel like this please tell me but try and have a big breakfast and have something light before you leave for the ceremony. I will get down off my mummy soap box now.

And finally... after all that, the only thing that really matters is that you have an amazing morning. Don't try and 'manage' people or things, enjoy the time and don't worry about the photos.

Trust us.... we've got this!

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