Our wedding wish list...

Every bride has a wish list. Lets be honest, long before your other half gets down on one knee and actually pops the question we’ve got a secret Pinterest board hidden away. (or is that just us two!!?) But now Dani is long married (even though she still buys wedding magazines!) and I don’t want to scare my lovely boyfriend off (Hi Stuart!) we decided to create our own photography wish list.

I suggested we pick three each but Dani has no self control....

First off, I really want a heavily inked couple. A groom with a tweed waistcoat, bow tie, rolled up sleeves and covered arms. A bride with lace and colour scattered across her body! Their skin telling a story just as much as our images do. I would love to get some ink. I’ve already got mine planned out (and have for over ten years) down to the exact position and style however as silly as it sounds i’m completely needle phobic. It’s on my personal bucket list. (A Beatrix Potter watercolour robin for one nan and my other nan’s favourite quote) I think i’ll requirer some serious therapy to get it done but I will one day (or just grow some balls!!) Whichever comes first!

A full themed wedding. Don’t get me wrong, we love subtle touches. We always make sure we hunt them out but i’m talking full blown nerd fest that’ll rival comic con!

A Star Wars theme where guests are welcome to bring their own lightsabers? Couple shots to include a wizarding duel (extra house points for Hufflepuff!) A Disney themed wedding with the bridal party dineybounding as different characters?

(My dream couple session would be in a Disney park but that’s a completely different blog in it’s own right haha)

Current location goal… woods wedding! Huge tall trees that go on for as far as the eye can see, lanterns in branches, candle lined aisle (possibly those awesome fake ones though, safety first obviously!!) bridal party with flower crowns and bouquets (you can never have enough flowers) hand sewn lace bunting scattered around, jars overflowing wild flowers (see previous statement!), a cake that looks like carved logs with the couple's initials carved into it and barefoot guests enjoying handmade cocktails as the sun sets. The evening filled with acoustic music and a bonfire with homemade s’mores. (Possibly a teepee or a yurt chucked in for good measure!!)

Now Dani wants a festival wedding. We’re talking fire breathers, live bands, drinks in plastic cups, hand painted signs and a bride tribe wearing matching wellies! All guests have an event wristband to keep, sitting around on haystacks and old suitcases, a wildflower floral arch alter, a couple that don’t mind getting a little muddy, the wedding party transported by camper vans, a naked wedding cake and all the guests staying the night in tents. Think Glastonbury, but with a ceremony as a brief intermission.

Next on the list... animals! (We’re not talking drunk aunts and inappropriate groomsmen.) Think dogs as bridesmaids, shetland ponies to entertain the smaller guests, she wants a wedding with a petting zoo! We always photograph the couples four legged family members during prep at home but we want them involved in the day! Nothing cuter than a pup in a bow tie!!

She would also love to revisit and shoot at her own wedding venue, Preston Court in Canterbury. She has amazing taste!! (Don’t tell her I said that!) Think a beautiful 17th century barn framed with a breathtaking fairground organ. Not only that but a vintage merry-go-round to entertain the guests and an amazing setting for couple shots. They also have a tiny 12th century church on their land for romantic ceremonies just a short walk away from the barn.

Like I want a ceremony in the woods, Dani wants one on a beach, think rock and roll bride! A groom in smart chino shorts and braces, guests in flip flops rather than high heels, face painting for young and old alike, ring toss and games of rounders, handmade ice cream as canapés (we’ll happily offer our services as taste testers!!) and a first dance as the sun goes down with sand between your toes.

Last one is a joint choice (stealing from Dani’s last choice to an extent.) We want a Brighton wedding! Couple shots on the pier, playing in the arcades, cuddling on the waltzers, sharing candy floss and feeding each other ice cream. (we’ll have some too!!) Personalised rock as favours, fish and chips in little buckets, pinwheels and ribbon while the guests relax in deck chairs.

We’ve been lucky to already cross some off our list. Paul and Amy had an awesome DC comic themed day with unicorn influences! (Hell yes!!) We’ve crossed off smoke bombs but we can’t wait to do them again and we had an amazing opportunity with Ryan & Rosy’s Alice in Wonderland day too. We've shot down the longest pier in the world and we've also been transported around by a white routemaster bus too! This year also brings out first ever destination wedding which we can’t bloody wait for!!

If you’re reading this and you’re shouting at the screen, "that’s our wedding!” we’re begging you to get in touch!! Seriously get in touch and we can create an extra special bespoke package just for you.

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