- Frequently asked questions -

Why is there two of you?

The internet is full of articles and blogs discussing the merits and pitfalls of having ‘two photographers’ but this is our take on it. 


There are many photographers who offer the option of a second shooter. The chances are you won’t actually meet this person until your big day and they won’t have any involvement beforehand. They normally take a back seat to the primary photographer and follow requests from them. (Dani does often boss me around but that’s just a little person thing!)  


We however bounce ideas ideas off each other, correlate shooting positions, the whole height difference really does help in our favour, and we work together equally, both focusing on your day before, during and after. Meeting prospective couples as a pair, it’s practically a double date, venue visits together to discuss and plan ideas beforehand and shooting your day as a team. 

As silly as it sounds we even have our own little hand signals and codes for shooting so if you catch us making strange gestures to each other it normally means we want the other to get out of our shot.

One of the obvious things, yes, we can be in two places at once. This makes prep a lot more relaxing rather than one person rushing between the couple and various locations. It also gives us more time with you too so we can take a backseat more and be less obtrusive. 99.9% of the time Dani is with the people closer to her in height and Helen is with the taller one of you both .Similarly Helen mostly shoots from the front of the ceremony and Dani from the back.  If you wanted to swap us around that’s absolutely fine but we’ve just found that combination has worked for us in the past.  Even though Helen normally ends up rolling around on the floor and Dani tries to get on her tippy toes. 

With the editing we alternate per wedding so it’s lucky dip on who you get however the end result is the identical as we use all the same editing techniques and software. 


All our packages come as a pair so there’s no hidden extras, it’s all there in black and white (or mint and grey in our case!) 

Individually we can handle any situation at a wedding, in the past when we’ve worked separately we had to, but when we come together as a team, it just fits. And being brutally honest, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love working with each other and can’t ever see going back to our old ways of working alone. 


How long are you with us? 

Until you need us! If you choose the "Whole kit & caboodle" package then we really will be with you all day, if people are still getting their groove on, on the dance floor then we'll stay! We will judge it, if we know that we have captured everything then we will leave you guys to party. In the morning we will get to you at least 1.5-2 hours before you have to leave.

No wedding is the same so we never put time constraints on you, no rushing, no stress. 


Do you take us off for hours for couple portraits? 

We do what you want us to do. You will have seen our couple portraits, we think that having some time alone just the two of you is really important. On a wedding day this tends to be the only time you will have together. These shots, we believe are some of the most important of the day so yes, we do need to set aside a little time. The easiest thing to do is to chat to us when you are working out timings with your venue so that there is no rushing. We will give you very gentle direction and we promise to make it fun. We have had couples say they are having a blast, lets take some more and we have had couples itching to dive to the bar - it’s totally up to you. 


How many images do we get? 

It really varies from wedding to wedding, it depends on the weather and whats happening, it’s such a hard question! However we would expect at least 800 colour and black & white images uploaded on to your online gallery and USB. If your wedding is in the summer and lots is going on more then a 1000 images is not uncommon, at present our biggest gallery has been 1,600 images. We can say with confidence than choosing us over a single photographer and even some other photography duo's will result in many more images. That said quality over quantity is still very important to us too. 


Do you limit the amount of images we receive? 

No. If we are happy with the composition, colour balance etc you will get all edited images. 


Do you have insurance? 

Yes, the both of us have full public liability insurance and professional indemnity cover. 


What rights do we have with the images? 

We believe your wedding images, should feel like they are yours. You are licensed to print, share and upload your images. The copyright of the images remains with us, as the creator, which means you’d need to ask if you wanted to use your images for anything other than printing, sharing and uploading. This includes your other suppliers and vendors wanting images such as your florist and changing the editing style of your images.

Please just ask if you are unsure. 


Do you offer a sneak peek?

Yes, always! We choose a few images and upload them to our Facebook within a few days or a mini private online gallery if you would prefer a little more privacy.  


How does it work with the both of you, do you take the same images? 

We think our style is so similar sometimes we are not sure who shot what! Which is great you wont be able to tell and your images will flow seamlessly. We maximise having two photographers and won't stand next to each other ever ( whilst taking pictures -ha! ) . If you are having any group shots we cover different angles and the same with couple portraits. 


What kit do you use? 

We both shoot Canon - and use a mixture of prime and zoom lenses (both Canon & Sigma ART lenses). We both prefer working without flash but if the surroundings are a bit dark we both have flash guns with diffusers. 


Can we meet you first ? 

Hell yeah!! 

It's so important that we all get on, it's a long day and it's natural to want to meet a few different photographers before you decide who is best for you. We often meet couples at either Lakeside in Essex or Bluewater in Kent (there's normally cake involved) on a weekday evening.

Then again around 4 weeks before your big day to go over your timings and final details plus your family dynamics as as we like to learn everyones name so we're part of your tribe! 

If you're a little further away we can make plans around you or even have a little skype date! 



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