A little about us...



I'm Dani...


The 'Mini' of Mini&Me ..A cheese obsessed,Vertically challenged ,Gin&Coffee drinking ,sea loving, Award winning ( I know right ..Get me!?) Photography Ninja !

I love dogs, but have a cat called Albus DumblePaw who is my Stand in dog for now, He is quite frankly a Floofy nightmare but adorable...




I'm a huge fan of all things colour yet live in black, Fall in love with songs about 18 months after everyone else, play my music far too loud (blew my car speakers listening to old skool garage) and would sell my soul for a quality street orange cream

I love banter,Cheese {of the fromage variety} laughter, people that don't take themselves too seriously, dancing badly and I still watch Friends on repeat. I have to stop myself shouting 'See?? He's her Lobster'! at most weddings.....

The biggest Compliment I get along with my team is that it feels like we are just a couple of extra guests, a few extra mates that have been added to the guest list, your back up Bridesmaids if you will. We have your back if anything goes wrong,I have even stopped off at Asda to buy emergency pants for 2 bridesmaids but we will also be lining up shots at the bar for you, we will just take epic pictures at the same time!


We can cover both morning preps so you can look back and see each others morning


The thing that makes us so different to everyone else ....?



We don't finish at 1st dance. We offer full coverage all day to capture your entire day, Your wedding does not finish when the party starts, so neither will we!




My kick Ass A team include...



Lauren and Rhianna who capture the most amazing morning preps so you can see what each other got up to and stay with me right through so we don't miss any of the shapes you throw on the dance floor!I have been working with them in one way or another since 2014 and they have become my Girl Fridays and fantastic trusted friends 

Lauren's Fave food is Broccoli  (say whhhhhat?)

She adores festivals

Is sheep obsessed but dream pet is a corgi

Collects vintage cameras

and absolutely will not accept that 'Chupa Chups' is actually pronounced 'Choopa Choops'

Rhi has the Grumpiest cat called Maude

Always has an emergency can of Febreeze in her car

Shoots the best party light trails ever

Cycled from Vietnam to Cambodia for charity!






Albus DumblePaw

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