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A little about us...



In a nut shell, there's two of us, we cover both morning preps on your wedding day , we have unlimited coverage so we capture the entire wedding - not just to first dance, we are happy to stay all evening... (as long as there's cake and/or cheese!) We are quirky, untraditional and both primary photographers meaning you get many more amazing images of your entire day if you book with us. We go out of our way to make sure your day is epic and exactly as you want it to be! 

We can honestly say.. We are unlike any other photographer(s). From the way we work together, the amount of images we deliver,our personalities - Everything... No-one works like us. 


If you have a little time, here's the long version...


So lets start from the beginning, there's two of us. We're both best friends. However, when you see us you will laugh.... a lot!

Practically separated at birth but with more than a foot between us you won't miss us in a crowd. Maybe Dani, she's the vertically challenged one. She's only paired up with me so she doesn't need to use her step ladder any more, hence the name Mini&Me. 


A little bit about 'Me' first. I'm Helen and there's nothing little about me! Added bonus when looking for that unusual perspective on your big day.

I love the following things..

Disney. (I could happily talk about it for hours.)


Harry Potter. (Hufflepuff uniform can be optional!)

Strong yet milky tea. One sugar please.

Finding shoes that I like that actually come in my size.

Hugh Jackman (Beard optional)

Vintage cars, preferably Triumph.

Milk... it's all I really drink other than tea!

Groom prep!

I'm Dani, otherwise known as Mini. Helen jokes about my height all the time but, at least you wont get a neck ache looking up at me...


But in all seriousness our differences work so well together at weddings, we don't miss a thing and because there is two of us we can step back and be very unobtrusive which is exactly how we think photography should be. We will let the day unfold and capture it - not dictate it.


We are not your typical 'traditional' wedding photographers, we prefer a more natural style of photography, one that tells a story and one that is honest so that when you look back at your images it brings all those amazing memories back to you.


---Thats me in the photo .. on the floor , with a broken leg too if you look closely enough! When we say we really like to get different angles we mean it ...

We like to think we are not just your photographers for the day, we go out of our way to make your day run smoothly. We have been known to... fix a ripped wedding dress, do the whole wedding parties make-up when a make-up artist didn't show, get one half of a couple to the right church(!), remake all the bouquets when they were delivered incorrectly, drive a group of bridesmaids to the church when the booked cars broke down. We hope that your day runs to perfection but if not, we will be there for you but of course, above all else we will provide you with beautiful meaningful images of your day.


We love romantic, fun, relaxed weddings. We are more than happy to capture a few group shots, we know its one of the only times that families get together but we prefer to keep things as natural as possible rather than work from a specific shot list .


We think that your photography should be fun and something you really enjoy so

if you are looking for a photographer to just be there and take traditional style forced images then we are probably not the ones for you... but if you want your day captured in a beautiful, and honest way, if you believe that your day should be all about love, fun, & laughter then please get in touch with us, we would love to meet you and hear about your plans!

Things I love are....


Cheese. (of the fromage variety) 



Trousers I find that don't drag on the floor

Hugh Grant. (Don't judge! I love actually him..!) 

My boys.

The sea.

Sun flares and sunset shots (If you're having a summer wedding I will make sure this happens)

The orange creams in Quality Street - I will fight you for them!

Coffee. (lots of!)



All weddings & engagement shoots are shot by the both of us.

Family lifestyle sessions will be taken by Dani unless two photographers are required.


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